2019 - 2020 Grants


Leeds Education Foundation awarded 32 grants totally $15,975.85

Fine Motoring to Success   Tori Kennedy   $200.00   LPS

All About That Learning   Brittney Hyde   $482.96   LPS

Building a Solid Foundation:  Leslie Miller   $465.00   LPS

Create with Chromebooks:  Melissa Kirkpatrick  $489.98   LHS

Blood Pressure, Pulse Ox, bedsides, Oh My!:  Shannon Logan  $485.46  LHS

Sustainable Power and Performance:  Tina Miller (Theatre Arts)   $748.75  LHS

Osmos:  Jennifer Gaddis   $194.38   LPS

Ravenous Readers: Leveled Books:  Kimberly May   $500.00   LPS

Teaching Reading Through the Senses:  Courtney Pierce    $493.41   LPS

Multi-sensory Reading and Writing:  Christy Beck    $493.41    LPS

Touch it! Say it! Read it!:  Meg Brantley   $493.41   LPS

Engaging Readers to Engage My Readers  Jessica Spitzer  $498.89  LPS

Multi-Sensory Learning:  Jordan Gilbert  $493.41   LPS

Charging Our Way to Literacy:  Julie Smith  $481.05  LHS

Let Them Have Chromebooks!:  Caleb Besaw  $450.00  LHS

A Fishy Project:  Christopher McClendon   $685.35   LMS

Santa,…Asking for two Chromebooks  Ronald Hamilton  $450.00  LHS

The Massive Ongoing Chromebook Initiative  Lonnie Goldberg (Group)  $675.00  LHS

Becoming a Classroom of Readers  Lindsey Clements  $500.00  LES

Series Books that Kids will Love!  Molly Rutledge  $491.44  LPS

Creating a Stronger "Pulse"   Erin Lyon   $450.00   LMS

Reading to Learn   Katherine Brown   $205.00   LES

Sewing Club   Sarah Browning (Group)   $499.04   LHS

To See the Unseen   Melanie Turner (Science)   $721.97   LHS

Full Steam Ahead   Susan Hutto (Library Dept)   $716.80   LMS

Megawords   Candace Golden   $387.02   LES

Stock Our Shelves with Books   Tori Carr   $489.16   LPS

Creating Writers through Publication   Karen Baggett (Group K)   $637.69   LPS

A Recipe for Reading   Jennifer Wehrwein   $493.41   LPS

It all ADDS up to knowledge   Carlie Swindle   $478.86   LHS

Department Chromebooks   Josh Argo (Math Dept)   $675.00   LHS

Crunching the Numbers with Technology   Josh Argo   $450.00   LHS  .

2018 - 2019 grants


"Growing Readers 155 Books at a Time"   $495.47    Melissa Causey, 4th Grade 

"ELALESMulti-Sensory Learning"    $488.83, Candace Golden, 3rd Grade  

"Resource LES Build It Smarter, Stronger"   $596.55    Tina Miller, Theatre, LHS 

"Megawords", $629.05, Interventionists, LES

"Creating with Chromebooks",   $405.78, Melissa Kirkpatrick, Visual Arts Teacher, LHS

"More than just a chair...",    $401.85, Kim Van Valkenburgh, Special Ed Teacher, LPS

"3R's Campaign",    $500.00, Desmond Parker, Science, LHS 

"STEM Tools for a STEM World",    $491.66, Jessica Spitzer, 1st Grade, LPS 

"Building Engineers Through STEM Bins", $468.03, Natalie Battle, 2nd Grade, LPS 

"Engineers in the Making", $468.03, Courtney Pierce, 2nd Grade, LPS

"Mystery Book Madness", $462.00, Kimberly Brownlee, 3rd Grade

"ELALES Finding 'The One", $462.00, Chelsea Morton, 3rd Grade, LES

"Making More Connections the Multisensory...", $458.70, Robin Webb, 2nd Grade Sp. Ed., LPS

"If the Book Fits, Read Its", $456.22, Margaret Brantley, 2nd Grade, LPS, 

"Pricey Priceless Pipets", $633.78, Melanie Turner, Science Dept, LHS

"Use your Senses to Read, Write and Spell", $493.41, Cassie Pulliam, Reading Coach, LPS

"Something to Talk About", $177.54, Rachel Linderman, SLP (speech), LPS/LHS

"Series Sparks Interest", $500.00, Leslie Miller, 2nd Grade, LPS

"Gas? What Gas?", $424.06, Melanie Turner, Science Teacher, LHS

"I like Chromebooks, you like...", $450.00, Lonnie Goldberg, Teacher, LHS

"The Leader in Me", $737.53, Susan Hutto, Library, LMS

"I Am Having a COW",  $499.88, Cristina Allen, LHSHistory Dept.

"Massive Chromebook Initiatve"   $675.00, History Dept LHS

"In My Feeling", $496.16, Brittney Hyde, Special Ed Teacher, LPS

"Level Up", $325.50, Special Ed Dept, LPS

"Let's Complete the Lab",  $488.23, Shannon Logan, Health Science, LHS

"Manipulatives to Help the Mind Maneuver...", $449.29, Jamie Lonas Henson, 3rd Grade, LES

"Let's Talk About It", $500.00, Brittney Hallmark, EL Teacher, LPS

"Powering Up Young Musicians", $750.00, Erin Lyon, Band Director, LMS

"Let's Divide and Conquer", $745.34, Autumn Smith/Brian Gulock, PE, LMS